Building trust in one of the world’s leading FinTechs

The Mission:

Speaking with authority to futureproof the complex financial services sector

The Brief:

The global financial crisis of 2008 revealed the hidden interconnectedness of the financial system, leading to a $20 trillion loss for the world economy. This was then exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic, which further highlighted the delicate nature of supply chains and trade networks.

FNA is a deep tech firm founded by Dr Kimmo Soramäki, one of the world’s leading economists, with a mission to make the financial system safer and more efficient. At its core is unique simulation technology that enables clients to stress test the impact of multiple scenarios, such as the deployment of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), or measures to improve banking liquidity. Through building a digital twin of its ecosystem, clients can better understand the impact of their decisions and move forward with confidence.

FNA partners with the world’s leading central banks, financial institutions and national security organisations.

After a significant investment from one of its leading partners, FNA approached Element to build its global brand awareness and establish a thought leadership position in the complex and volatile financial markets.

The Campaign:

By its nature, the financial services market is a complicated web of relationships, products, solutions and regulations. It is also incredibly noisy, as each corner of the market seeks to be heard.

As a first step, Element mapped the media landscape, spanning broadcast, national, international, business and trade media – and the most influential journalists across these verticals. Financial services is among the most widely covered industries, but a one size fits all approach to media relations would not generate results for a firm bringing complex solutions to an even more complicated market.

In response, Element developed core themes that aligned to FNA’s proposition and business objectives, including liquidity optimisation, CBDCs, and interconnectivity. Armed with this, Element developed an outreach plan built around:

  • Proactively developing technical thought leadership for long-form opinion editorials in trade media, authored to FNA’s subject matter experts
  • Forging relationships with influential national news journalists through the credibility and insights from FNA’s CEO, Dr Kimmo Soramäki and President, Phillip Straley
  • Reacting to the news agenda by creating timely insight on breaking issues such as the Russian war in Ukraine and the launch of CBDC projects across the globe

In order to appeal to these varied audiences, Element required a deep technical understanding of FNA’s solution and the global financial services system, underpinned by an ability to turn insights from FNA’s leadership team into both technical content for industry media and news-worthy high-level angles that would appeal to a more mainstream audience.

The Results:

Though Element’s national and international media relations, Kimmo and Phillip have held briefings with journalists from trusted outlets including Bloomberg, CNN, the Financial Times and Reuters. Kimmo is also a trusted guest on the BBC, appearing on World Service television to discuss breaking news around Central Bank Digital Currencies.

FNA and its leadership team are also regular contributors in the trade media, with a regular flow of opinion editorial articles in publications including The Banker, Global Risk Regulator, International Banker and more.

Element has been instrumental in building our brand awareness globally and demonstrating the unique value that network analytics and simulation bring to the global financial system. The Element team intimately understands our business goals and consistently deliver on authentic and strategic plans to help us make them a reality.

Anthony Harrison
Chief Marketing Officer at FNA