Leading a step change in communications for Basis Technologies

The Mission:

For large enterprises, change is the only constant. But change in the complex world of SAP, no matter how large or small, can be a daunting task. Even the smallest line of code has the potential to bring a company to its knees through downtime and delays. With 94% of the 500 largest companies in the world use SAP, this is mission critical.

For the last 25 years, Basis Technologies has been a trusted partner to the world’s best-performing organisations to unlock their full potential with SAP. Its flagship products transform the way large enterprises deliver change in SAP with the speed, agility and quality they need to maintain a competitive edge.

The Brief:

Recognising that the company’s positioning and messaging no longer reflected its evolving target audience, Basis Technologies engaged Element Communications to lead a step change in its integrated communications activity.

Change is now business critical, meaning Basis Technologies and its solutions needed to reach a different, more strategic buyer if it was to continue its impressive growth trajectory.

As a global company, headquartered in the UK, Basis Technologies had a wealth of existing insights targeting traditional, technical audiences, but needed an overhaul if it was to engage budget holders in the C-suite.

The company needed:

·       A new brand position that more accurately reflects its business-critical role within the enterprise

·       Messaging that speaks to both business and technical buyers

·       Content that empowers the sales team to engage individuals across the buying cycle

·       Product marketing activity to support new launches and ongoing education

·       Asset creation to support sales and events activity

·       New video assets to present company positioning in a more engaging way

·       An effective customer success programme to demonstrate the benefits Basis Technologies brings to large enterprises

·       A comprehensive media relations strategy to increase brand awareness

The Campaign:

Element embarked upon an ambitious programme of activity working with stakeholders across all areas of the business. 

A crucial first step was a workshop, held with the global executive team, to define new company positioning and messaging that would serve as the structure for the outbound communications campaign. This centred on how business and IT changes, properly managed, give organisations the agility to power innovation, eliminate risk and drive growth. These key messages were deliberately created to engage both business and technical decision makers.

Using a phased approach, Element built new website copy, as well as supporting the design and implementation of a new website that more accurately reflected the new buyer journey.

Taking this to market, Element created a range of quarterly ‘hero assets’, housed on the Basis website, covering key topics such as migration from SAP ECC to S/4 and ‘supercharging’ change management. A comprehensive independently polled research study was created to explore the differing attitudes to change management across the enterprise, providing key findings to underpin future sales and marketing campaigns.

Working seamlessly with Basis’ international marketing teams, this content was then taken to market through a wide variety of channels, including webinars, social media posts, direct mail and more.

Working with the sales and product marketing team, Element created a range of planned assets, from product one pagers and brochures to PowerPoint presentations and videos, while reacting at short notice to support major sales initiatives. This also extended to landmark product explainer videos, scripted and built by Element and used across the marketing estate.

Partnering with Basis’ customer success team, Element also runs a comprehensive Customer Relations Programme, engaging customers at various points in the lifecycle to support sales and marketing activity.

Finally, an ongoing media relations strategy sought to bring about a seismic shift in brand awareness by targeting business and IT publications, creating a regular flow of impactful coverage.

The Results

Working in partnership with the in-house marketing team, Element has helped supercharge content and communications for a firm with ambitious growth plans.

Proactive campaigns are delivering consistent leads for the business, fuelling activity across a wide variety of channels and empowering the team to target both business and technical buyers. Through an ‘always on’ approach, Element has reacted instantly to the needs of the sales team, creating assets that have helped engage and close major deals.

Moving Basis Technologies away from relying on newswire coverage discussing technical product updates, Element has changed the nature of press engagement, resulting in consistent tier one coverage to reach economic buyers in publications such as Forbes and CIO.com, while working closely with Basis’ customers to help tell their success stories in the likes of Diginomica.

This multi-faceted campaign has helped bring about the step-change in perceptions demanded by the C-Suite and set the business up to meet its growth objectives for years to come.

“Element Communications are an integral part of our business. From leading our brand repositioning to creating content and assets at each stage of the sales cycle, Element have proved their ability to deliver quality work at speed and at scale. They are a true business partner.”

Justin Vaughan-Brown
VP of Marketing, Basis Technologies


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