Helping fast-growing fintech 10x Banking transform the banking sector

10x Banking is a cloud native core banking platform founded by former Barclays CEO, Antony Jenkins, on a mission to make banking 10x better for customers, banks, and society. 


Hear from 10x Banking’s marketing director, Laura Francis, on how Element has successfully supported 10x’s ambitious brand awareness objectives… 


How has Element Communications successfully positioned 10x Banking and its leadership team in the national and tier one press? 


Since beginning our partnership with Element in January 2023, coverage volume for 10x in mainstream media titles has increased by 300%.  


Within nine months of our partnership, Element delivered 45 pieces of press coverage for 10x, of which 17 are considered ‘tier one’, while 15 have been proactively secured ‘profile’ pieces focused on highlighting our story, mission and vision – this has been imperative in building trust and credibility among our target customers, which include the UK’s most prominent high street banks. 


Particular highlights have included profile pieces for our founder and CEO Antony Jenkins in Bloomberg, The Times, Euromoney, and the front cover of City AM.  


The difference in brand recognition and recall since the start of our relationship is truly night and day.  


How has Element Communications enabled 10x to stand out from competitors in an increasingly crowded space? 


Element oversaw the development and execution of a landmark research report which set us apart from our competitors this year.  


As part of our mission to demonstrate the need for banks to adopt “true transformation” and become customer-centric rather than product-centric, Element oversaw the polling of banking leaders and product managers with the aim of revealing how traditional banks’ lack of technology adoption and slow transformation is holding them back, and seeing them miss out on customers to innovative digital banks.  


Our research found 20 per cent of customers who left their bank did so because of poor customer experience, and the same proportion admitted that their slow rate of digital transformation has directly resulted in them missing out on new customers. Element secured exclusive coverage of the research on the front cover of City AM – the perfect place for 10x to be, speaking directly to banking decision makers in the City of London, and a stand-out piece of press coverage that remains unrivalled by our market competitors.  

The reason Element stand out is they are incredibly responsive, really well organised, supportive and results-driven.

Laura Francis
Marketing Director, 10x Banking