Cutting through the noise for cybersecurity firm Performanta

The Brief:

Performanta is a global cybersecurity firm currently pioneering cyber safety in an effort to revolutionise the industry. The company consists of 170 staff, including 80 analysts in two SOCs, helping to secure customers across 50 countries, from offices in the UK, Australia, Germany, South Africa, and the USA.

The firm works with organisations to lower the risk of a cyber-attack occurring and mitigate the impact of an attack if/when this happens.

Its subsidiary, Encore, is a cybersecurity platform and the leader in CAASM and EASM solutions. It provides full visibility over security controls through one secure portal, as well as accurate and action-based reporting for the board.

Performanta an already well-established brand within its headquartered country, South Africa had a UK focused brief:

      • To raise awareness of Performanta and Encore amongst decision makers 

      • To introduce the term ‘cyber safety’ to the industry

      • To ensure potential customers have positive perceptions of their solutions and services

      • To develop opportunities and support the sales cycle with compelling content marketing assets

    • To educate target audiences about the threat landscape

    The Results:

    Independently polled market research has underpinned Element’s strategy to create data-led narratives, helping both Performanta and Encore cut through the noise in such a crowded market. Surveying CISOs and office workers to discover a gap between their views on what cybersecurity looks like within their organisation, a suite of impactful content marketing and PR assets have been launched.

    By strategically planning multiple launches from one investment in market research, Element has created a series of eBooks to support top of the lead generation funnel.

    Armed with unique data, Element secured exclusives in the likes of Computer Weekly and Infosecurity, in addition to widespread coverage across the cybersecurity landscape.

    Element has also achieved quality coverage through thought leadership tactics, including tier one titles SC Magazine and Network Security.

    Additionally, Element has successfully supported Performanta with aligning itself to the breaking news agenda on cyber-attacks and cyber warfare, which has resulted in coverage in high value international publications such as the Financial Times and live radio interviews with national reach. 

    Finally, corporate profiling has become an increasingly core focus for the two companies, with award entries sitting at the heart of the ongoing strategy. So far in 2023, the award success rate sits at 82% (inclusive of finalist and winner statuses). Successes include Performanta claiming victory in the MSP Innovation Awards 2023 and Encore being named a winner at this year’s Global Infosec Awards at RSA. 

    “Element has proven to be a strategic partner who we trust as an extension of our team. Their grasp and understanding of complex industry issues, coupled with their commitment to delivering consistent high-quality results makes them a pleasure to work with.”

    Kuljeet Briah
    Vice President, Global Marketing at Performanta


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