Announcing Obrizum’s Series A round to kick-start an integrated PR campaign

The Mission:

Announcing OBRIZUM’s Series A funding round to kick-start an integrated PR campaign

The Brief:

A Series A funding round is a significant growth milestone for any start-up business, and a key moment that cannot be wasted when it comes to establishing a profile as a credible, fast-growing, unique industry player.

It is also a highly personal moment for the founders, and often the first time they amplify their story and vision for the business. Not only do Series A rounds typically kick-start strategic growth moves like new hires, office openings and international expansion, but they give companies the platform to inject life into their external communications, increase their share of voice in the media, and establish an engaging social media profile.

OBRIZUM is a ‘profit with purpose’ technology company shaping the workforce of the future with its data-driven training and knowledge transfer platform. Founded by a trio of PhD-trained Cambridge scientists, Doctors Chibeza Agley, Sarra Achouri and Juergen Fink, OBRIZUM exists to empower large organisations to rapidly upskill and reskill staff through adaptive learning and bespoke Knowledge Spaces built from existing content that already sits within the business – saving businesses time, money and future-proofing their workforce.

OBRIZUM came to Element at a time when the corporate training market is expected to grow to $475Bn by 2027 as companies across all sectors recognise the need to keep their workforce up-to-date, relevant, and productive.

Three months into the partnership, Element was tasked with announcing OBRIZUM’s Series A funding round of $11.5 million. The opportunity to capitalise on this milestone moment as a launchpad for a sustained PR campaign to help drive continued global commercial success was underpinned by strategically refining OBRIZUM’s go-to-market messaging, founders’ stories, and positioning on the most pertinent industry trends.

What OBRIZUM needed:

  • An engaging media campaign to kick-start their PR strategy at a crucial point in time for the corporate training market
  • An exclusive story in a tier one media outlet for prominent tech investors to announce their Series A round
  • Exposure spanning technology, business, finance and local media to reach cross-sector prospective customers
  • To build brand awareness and industry share of voice, embarking on a PR campaign for the first time

The Campaign:

When introducing a brand to the media for the first time, education is crucial. Element firstly ran strategy workshops with OBRIZUM’s leadership team to establish a series of thought leadership and commentary pieces across the business, technology and HR press to begin to establish OBRIZUM as a leading authority for key topics including corporate training, non-linear adaptive learning, quiet constraint, automation and the future of work.

This allowed OBRIZUM to demonstrate the expertise across its team of co-founders while sowing the seeds in media outlets that mattered and creating awareness among key journalists.

Meanwhile, Element was working with TechCrunch to exclusively announce OBRIZUM’s Series A, creating a compelling combination of a press release supported by an in-depth written Q&A, which allowed OBRIZUM to communicate the intricacies of their business, product and sector.

At the heart of OBRIZUM is its three co-founders, and Element wanted to ensure their entrepreneurial story stood out as part of the announcement. Recognising the impact of visually bringing the story to life, Element choreographed a photoshoot which provided a series of attention-grabbing, founder-led imagery to sit at the heart of all media coverage that would follow.

The Results

An exclusive news story in TechCrunch announced the Series A funding round with an in-depth interview to showcase OBRIZUM’s ambitions to be the global industry leader. This launch was followed by more than 20 standalone pieces of press coverage – spanning technology, business, finance and local media in sites with an average Domain Authority of +50.

Over 560,000 views of the online coverage were achieved, and the first LinkedIn post announcing the news quickly became OBRIZUM’s most impactful post for number of impressions, reactions, reposts and overall engagement rate.

Within three months of beginning the partnership, Element transformed OBRIZUM’s online media profile and paved the way for an integrated PR campaign with global ambitions.

As a dynamic, fast-growing scale-up, we look for partners that we can trust and grow with long-term. Element made an immediate impact on our business from day one and consistently demonstrate their value. I massively respect the Element team’s skillset, work ethic, and commitment to always doing an excellent job. It’s a genuine pleasure to be working with high-performance people that we can trust and truly see as an extension of our own team.

Chibeza Agley
OBRIZUM co-founder and CEO