Showing Leadership Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite the unprecedented, devastating impact it is having across the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has also brought out the best in people.

Here in the UK, the weekly Clap for Carers is but one example of communities coming together to recognise and show their support for frontline staff in the NHS and everyone working in our essential services who continue to risk their lives.

Within our own industry, there are many instances of big tech companies lending either their expertise, hardware or software services to either fight coronavirus directly, or support those affected.

And while these examples will continue to make the headlines, there are countless others that perhaps don’t get the recognition that their selfless actions deserve.

This is why we are delighted to announce our partnership with SOS Supplies, a not-for-profit marketplace connecting charities and the NHS in urgent need of vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with the UK suppliers that have available stock. We are volunteering our support across PR and influencer relations, as well as social media.

SOS Supplies has a fantastic story to tell. The platform was founded by Manoj Varsani, a tech entrepreneur who also sits as chairman of the charity Harrow Carers. Tasked with finding PPE for charity staff, Manoj spent four hours on a rather fruitless search and quickly realised that this must be a nationwide issue for charities, many of whom are small organisations that lack the relevant means to track down PPE.

Fortunately for the growing list of charities he has supported, Manoj was in a position to help. As the founder of Hammock, a London based fintech, he has a track record of rapidly building and scaling platforms and within 48 hours had built the SOS Supplies website and established a foundation of suppliers with PPE in stock.

Fast forward just two months and the numbers are staggering. More than 250 charities and NHS organisations have been connected to more than 10 million items of PPE available in the UK. The team of a dozen volunteers continue to push the boundaries and can be rightly proud of the positive impact they are having on vulnerable people and the charities that support them.

But the service doesn’t simply stop at connecting people, it is also arranging funding to help donate PPE as well – truly acting as the last line of defence for staff at many charities.  Ranging from care homes, hospices, food banks, domestic abuse charities, homeless shelters and many more, these charities need PPE supplies in order to continue their critical work in our communities and help keep their staff and volunteers safe.

The SOS Supplies story resonates with us at Element Communications for many reasons, but we were particularly struck by the entrepreneurial mindset, and how Manoj’s startup mentality has helped solve such a huge issue.

The tech sector is truly one of the most dynamic, creative and engaging industries. SOS Supplies is a shining light in a time of such hardship for millions across the world. We are delighted to play even a small role in their success.

If you would like to get in touch for more information about how SOS Supplies could help a charity that you are involved with, please feel free to contact me at or visit

You can also follow the progress of SOS Supplies on Twitter @SOS_Supplies or on LinkedIn at SOS Supplies.


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