Scope3 appoints Element Communications as UK PR partner on mission to decarbonise the advertising industry

Scope3 has partnered with Element Communications to support the company’s mission to decarbonise media and advertising.

Led by co-founder and CEO Brian O’Kelley, considered one of the early pioneers of the ad tech industry, Scope3 launched in early 2022 to provide the sector with a single source of truth for supply chain emissions.

Leveraging the founding team’s deep roots in ad tech, Scope3 has established a global presence with an emphasis on the UK, which has emerged as the leading market in carbon emissions reduction efforts, particularly in the media and advertising sector.

Anne Coghlan, co-founder and head of product at Scope3, explains: “In the advertising industry, relentless innovation and growth have created supply chains that are incredibly complex and inefficient, ultimately harming our planet. The industry – from agencies and brands to tech providers and publishers– is now looking to close the gap between awareness and action. It’s incredibly exciting that the UK is leading this movement globally.”

Of the $500 billion that marketers spend on advertising each year, nearly three-quarters of this is going towards digital ads (1). As the industry is discovering that their digital advertising campaigns can produce hundreds of tonnes of carbon dioxide, Coghlan says action is required to meet climate goals and commitments: “One million ad impressions generate an equal amount of carbon emissions as one round trip fight from Boston to London for one person. This has become a systemic issue embedded in complex supply chains, and we’re excited to be partnering with Element to help this global industry understand the path to net zero emissions and help foster a collaborative community that puts the well-being of the planet above all else.

“Scope3 is making significant investments to create a new category of green media products that leverage measurement and compensation for carbon emissions, creating a roadmap for the entire advertising industry to achieve net-zero.”

Element is supporting Scope3 with media relations, social media and other engagement activities to establish an agenda and vision for the entire industry where organisations in every segment of the market can play a part in addressing the climate crisis while creating value for stakeholders.

Tom Webb, founder and CEO of Element Communications, commented: “Scope3 is one of the most exciting global tech companies with a vision to change an industry for the better and make advertising the first sector to reach ambitious net-zero targets. We’re delighted to be working with the company to help bring sustainability and climate-focused solutions to an industry that has flown under the radar as a significant source of carbon emissions.”

For more information about Scope3, visit  For media queries, contact

  1. O’Reilly, Lara and Wang, Zac. Big advertisers are discovering their digital-advertising campaigns carry a big carbon tax. Business Insider. [Online] July 25, 2022.

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