Get to Know: Jonny Kerr, Senior Account Manager

By Tom Webb, Founder and CEO

In our ‘get to know’ blog series, I’m posing a few questions to the Element team.  Next up, we have Jonny Kerr, Senior Account Manager.  

What’s your background?  

As a creative thinker with an entrepreneurial outlook, I have always had a desire to work in marketing, branding or PR where I could bring those skills to the fore. During my time at school and college, I would spend any free moment creating logos and branding concepts for other businesses, particularly in the sports and fitness industry.   

Despite studying Business and Law at University, my career in PR began when I spent the third year of my degree at a B2B tech PR agency specialising in fast-growth firms. Since then, I spent time leading the marketing department at a cybersecurity startup before going full circle and re-joining agency life at Element Communications. 

How would you describe your job?  

As Senior Account Manager I am responsible for ensuring that we deliver impactful campaigns for our clients. A big part of that is working closely with our clients to develop PR strategies and creative campaigns, as well as managing the team, nurturing media relationships, creating compelling content and measuring campaign performance. In such a fast-paced and diverse industry, keeping on top of trends and responding accordingly is vital in helping our clients achieve their short and long-term communication objectives. 

Tell us about a memorable career moment.  

One of my most memorable career moments was the first time I secured national print coverage for a client. There was something energising about flicking through the broadsheet pages to check if the piece we had been promised had made it into print.  

Having recently seen two of our clients featured in the same national news article discussing a hot topic, it was a nostalgic moment to reflect on.   

Another highlight has to be winning a charity golf day alongside two of our valued clients. Being able to celebrate a performance that rivalled the recent European Ryder Cup team whilst raising money for a great cause made for a very special day, and a reminder of the importance of relationships both inside and outside the office environment.  

What does ‘Authentic Communications’ mean to you?  

To me, authentic communications is about truly understanding and capturing the messaging and tone of voice of the organisations that we work with. It’s no secret that the tech industry is a highly competitive landscape, so being able to curate and consistently deliver communications which differentiate from others in the same sector is what we are all about.  

In a nutshell, authentic communications to me stems from authentic relationships built on a foundation of trust, empathy, sincerity, and commitment towards a common goal.  

What would you say to people pursuing a career in PR?  

PR offers such a broad spectrum of roles, responsibilities and career paths so I would encourage anyone try to gain as much varied experience as you can.  

During my internship referenced above, I spent time in both the client services and business development teams. That allowed me to get a feel for media relations, content creation, design and more. 

Understanding how each of the departments work together and figuring out the aspects I enjoyed the most was hugely beneficial in mapping out where my career has taken me to date. The old saying ‘every day is a school day’ is never more true than in PR.  

What are you known for in your team?   

I would like to think I am known as someone who will get things done to ensure deadlines are met with work of a high standard. I pride myself on being someone who supports the company culture, ensuring that everyone is not only feeling fulfilled in the work that they are doing, but enjoying themselves whilst doing it.  

But I suppose you will have to ask the team!  

Connect with Jonny on LinkedInhere 

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