Element Communications Wins Brief for Deep Tech Firm FNA

Guildford, Surrey. November, 2021: FNA, a fast-growing deep technology firm specialising in advanced network analytics and simulations, has chosen Element Communications as its PR partner.

Launched in 2014, FNA works with the world’s leading financial authorities, financial institutions, and national security organisations. The firm enables these institutions to deploy network analytics and simulations to predict the impact of stress events and optimally configure their systems and networks.

FNA’s solutions also include the ability to simulate the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). CBCDs are set to transform the global financial services industry, requiring a wide range of organisations to understand and model their impact.

FNA is already a well-respected and influential organisation within the Central Banking community. In addition, they continue to grow and develop new solutions into other sectors, including commercial banking and national security. Element will be supporting  further growth within these existing and growing  communities, with the potential to enter more verticals next year.

Anthony Harrison, Chief Marketing Officer at FNA, said: “Our mission is to make the financial system safer and more efficient, and we have a truly unique proposition to make this a reality. Having recently undergone a strategic funding round, now is an ideal time to increase our brand awareness globally and demonstrate the unique value that network analytics and simulation bring to the global financial system. As our chosen partner, Element Communications is expertly positioned to help us achieve our business objectives and we’re excited by the creative and authentic ideas they offer us.”

In the summer, FNA announced an investment and partnership with Giesecke+Devrient, a global security technology group. The two firms are developing software to enable the world’s central banks to safely test and model the impact of introducing a CBDC on the financial and economic system. The partnership is expected to power informed and data-driven implementation of CBDCs across the globe. Within the commercial banking community, Element will focus on showcasing FNA’s unique capabilities in payment simulation and liquidity optimisation, helping institutions to meet regulatory requirements and achieve considerable financial benefits.

Simon Moss, Director at Element Communications, commented: “We are delighted to be working with FNA, providing a genuinely game-changing solution for the financial services industry. With a hugely credible leadership team and a desire to disrupt established sectors, we are confident this partnership will help achieve FNA’s strategic aims.”

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