Three key trends from CES 2024

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas – known as “the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators” – was the 57th time the industry has gathered to celebrate the latest innovations disrupting everything from gaming, digital health and fintech, to AI & robotics, sports tech and the metaverse. 

It may have been going for more than half a century, but the world’s largest consumer tech show never ceases to amaze, with more than 4,000 exhibitors submerging on the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

One week on from the three-day technology feast, our consumer tech team has rounded up three of the most prominent trends on display – and the brands that caught our eye…

    1. Fintech continues to democratise financial services


Personal finance continues to dominate the headlines amidst the cost of living crisis – it’s no surprise therefore that innovative money management, financial planning and payment solutions were front and centre of the innovations on show at CES. 

As fintech continues to democratise financial services and alleviate both consumers’ and businesses’ biggest pain points, it was fascinating to watch back a panel discussion on AI-Powered Fintech, as part of the conference programme. This was a deep dive into how AI is being used for everything from consumer-facing transactions to lending, wealth management, business decision making, and the trading floor. Featuring on the panel was Patrick Reily, co-founder of Uplinq – a purpose led company with a mission to help small business owners gain access to fair and ethical credit globally. 

Patrick covered how Uplinq is empowering financial institutions around the world in small and medium sized enterprise lending, using AI which powers SME lending (including the underserved) at low interest rates, with equal benefits for business borrowers, business lenders and communities as a whole. Uplinq has capability in over 150 countries, can utilise more than 10,000 data sources, and has underwritten the equivalent of almost $1.5tn USD.

    1. Smart homes are getting EVEN smarter


This year was a reminder – if we even needed one – of how increasingly interconnected the household of the future truly would become. Some might say the future is already here. From security cameras and video doorbells, to smart door locks, light bulbs, and smart plugs – if you’re that way inclined there is nothing in your home that need be left untouched by technology.

We were particularly excited to see Tapo, a TP-Link Smart Home brand with over 16 million users globally, unveil its comprehensive smart home ecosystem. On display were no less than eight different categories of smart home product, including its:

    • Smart HomeBase Tapo H500 centralized control device
    • Smart Security Cameras with ColorPro Night Vision technology
    • Tapo C428 KIT outdoor camera
    • Tapo C840 indoor camera
    • Tapo D225 video doorbell camera and smart video door lock
    • Tapo RV30 Plus robot vacuum
    • Tapo L535E lighting system
    • Plugs, switches and sensors including the weatherproof Tapo P400M


What we love about what Tapo and TP-Link are doing is that they’re helping everyday consumers “adopt a new smart home lifestyle” at an affordable cost – no longer are people being priced out of the efficient, secure, smart homes they strive to live in.


    1. Homeowners can lead the energy tech evolution


Everyone knows they can personally do more to monitor their energy use, help the planet, and be more eco-conscious. Finally, it looks like tech can help. 

CES 2024 was probably the first time in the Show’s history that true sustainability commitments – and the tech to make them a reality – were on show. Very encouraging signs. 

One of our favourite finds was EcoFlow – a brand on a mission to reinvent the way the world generates, stores and uses energy through creative, environmentally-conscious innovation.

Last week in Vegas, EcoFlow unveiled its EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra – a home power backup system designed for both extended outages and daily use. EcoFlow say that a single unit can run your entire home – maybe why it comes in at a cool $5,799! 

With this release, EcoFlow is taking a giant leap towards ensuring home power security, with the system seamlessly taking over to run your most energy hungry appliances in the event of a blackout – not that we get many of those in the UK, but still, we thought it was cool.

Our one-line CES takeaway: Unsurprisingly we saw AI take centre stage, tying neatly into the wider trend of how tech is only becoming more integrated into our everyday lives, empowering consumers and businesses alike to conquer their financial ambitions while working towards a more sustainable future for all.

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