Get to Know: Keira Buchanan, Senior Content Manager

By Tom Webb, Founder and CEO

In our new ‘get to know’ blog series, I’m posing a few questions to the Element team.  Next up, we have our senior content manager and all-round rock star, Keira Buchanan… 

What’s your background? 

Straight out of university, I entered the fast-moving world of PR, quickly gaining an understanding of its foundations: forming narratives that bridge the gap between businesses and their audiences and harnessing the power of effective communication. Unlike roles confined to singular responsibilities, PR offers the chance to work across multiple functions. This dynamic fusion is what makes PR an exciting journey.  

How would you describe your job? 

As a creative strategist, my role revolves around the art of seamlessly integrating business messaging into various forms of content. I work closely with businesses to refine their messaging to fuel the wider PR strategy. A key part of this is capturing the distinct voices of thought leaders, helping them work their insights into compelling narratives that are attuned to what’s going on in their industry and the wider world. 

Tell us about a memorable career moment? 

Making the decision to join a startup. With this move came the opportunity to build and optimise the content division within the company; a job that equally challenges and rewards. It has since been a privilege to collaborate with a variety of innovative, fast-growth enterprises, working with truly talented and passionate individuals.  

What does ‘Authentic Communications’ mean to you?  

It means staying true to your own voice. In a channel often marked by fleeting trends and generalised hyperbole, maintaining integrity in both voice and communication is immeasurably important. 

Rather than conforming to what you think your audience wants to hear, you stand beside the ethos you created. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s those values and beliefs that you hold as you put your heart and soul into your business.  

Ultimately, PR is about cutting through the noise. To do that most effectively, I believe you need be authentic.  

What would you say to people pursuing a career in PR? 

Embrace every opportunity that comes your way. PR is a constant evolution, where each new experience offers a chance to learn, grow, and refine your skills.

It’s a chance to collaborate with companies in industries you never thought likely, each one offering new, fresh perspectives that will stay with you for years.

You’ll have the opportunity to pair creativity with commercial value, which will benefit you in any role you take. It’s an industry rich with knowledge, and one that constantly kicks up new challenges as you grow with it.

What are you known for in your team? 

I strive to be a reliable and supportive team member, driven by my goal to champion content and creativity across the agency.

But more importantly, come rain or shine, you will always find me with a pair of sunglasses on my head and I hope a sunny disposition. 

Connect with Keira on LinkedIn here 

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